Martin and Gemma's wedding day
Another great day shooting Martin and Gemma’s wedding. I knew it was going to be a good day as I’d had such an enjoyable time getting to know them when I did their pre wedding shoot. Can’t deny being a little apprehensive though, the groom being a photographer himself! The weather might have been a bit of a challenge with low cloud, high winds and temperatures not expected in June but Gemma certainly wasn’t going to let that spoil the most important day of her life. I had an early start at Gemma’s parent’s home, I got a lovely cup of tea off the bride, oh yes she was calm enough to make tea for everyone. In fact it was one of the calmest wedding preparations I've seen. I managed to capture a gorgeous shot of little Katie just before she went to the church.

I then headed off at full speed to meet the groom, best men and ushers at the pub but they were already heading off to church. They were a great group of lads who I would have loved to spend more time with, sharing photography and off road trail biking as hobbies

St Edmunds is a beautiful little church in Allestree with a stunning stained glass window that made a lovely backdrop for the bride and grooms blessing.

After we took some shots of the family and friends it was off to Horsley Lodge for the reception. A great venue for the reception with good backdrops for photographs, weather permitting, as long as you dodge the golf balls!

I managed to steal half an hour with Gemma and Martin to bag some of those more intimate shots before they received their guest for the wedding dinner.
I stayed around for the first dance and had some great fun with our fun photo corner.

Best wishes for a very happy life together Mr and Mrs Taft
Jubille Celebrations
A great Jubillee party That went on till the early hours of the morning.

Abbie at the Abbey
What more could I ask for. Good weather, a great location, & beautiful model Abbie.
I needed to do some experimenting with new equipment so Abbie volunteered to
model for me at Rufford Abbey.
We shot in a few locations with different outfits to get a variety of images .
I loved the Bluebells as a backdrop giving that enchanting feel, although I must say I do like the magic of black & white.
What are your thoughts?
Thank's to Abbie for your patience in helping me capture some great images.

Fathers Day - June 17th - Free shoot on offer
June 17th is fathers Day, and what could be a better present than a surprise portrait of his children. To celebrate I'm offering a free shoot to the first customer who responds to this offer. Alternatively you could have a free voucher to give him on Fathers day so he can join in the fun

100 days to the Olympics
Had a great day on Tuesday photographing an event promoting Integrated Health Care, focusing on the importance of addressing both physical and mental health. Dame Kelly Holmes, winner of a double gold medal in the 2004 Olympics in Athens was an inspirational speaker as was Luke who survived a vicious attack, overcoming tremendous physical and psychological trauma to now be in a position to use his experiences to help others.

Thailand trip
Just back from 20 great days in Thailand, a photographers dream destination with so many colours and such diversity. It was a holiday but of course the camera came along too. We started at Bangkok a wonderful city, the view from Vertigo bar 60 floors up was incredible (as was the price of the drinks!). We then went to Kanchanaburi, home to the bridge over the river Kwai, a very moving visit for Jo as her Dad was in Burma during the second world war but fortunately didn't become a prisoner of war. The conditions those men worked in are unimaginable. Erawan waterfalls were beautiful and I'd have got loads of great shots if Id got there before all the other tourists, I will have to go back!
Here are a few of my favorite shots let me know you're thoughts

Bump to Baby
Valentine baby! Congratulations to Mark and Laura on the birth of beautiful baby Ava. She was adorable to work with but it did help having such good parents! Laura came to the studio last month for a pre birth sitting and I did their wedding last year so it was extra special meeting their little bundle of joy.

Winter wonderland
I've been loving this wonderful weather. It's funny how the first photograph you take when doing landscapes is often your best but when doing portraits it's the complete opposite, it takes you a while to relax your subjects. The photo below was taken at the beginning of a walk across Chatsworth last Sunday. We went up Baslow edge later in the day to capture sunset. The road up was to dangerous so yep we had to abandon the vehicle at the bottom and trek up with cameras and tripods.....and yes it clouded over just as we got to the top. The highs and lows of photography. Pleased with the ones I got earlier though.

New Year,... New life
I’m so looking forward to new challenges ahead, building the business and getting to know lots more new customers and of course working with some people who I have worked with before. For example Laura who’s wedding I shot in April last year...... I started the New Year just perfectly by shooting Laura and her “bump”. I had a brilliant afternoon with Laura and her friends and can’t wait for the happy arrival when I get to try my hand at newborn baby photography.

Mark and Kerry's Wedding Day
What a wonderful way to finish 2011. Mark and Kerry married at St Philips church in Mansfield,watched on by three beautiful bridesmaids, a rebelious best man, family and friends. The weather may have been wet and dull but the celebrations certainly were not. After a very moving ceremony the happy couple drove on to Clumber Park Hotel to continue their celebrations. Kerry and Mark were such a lovely couple to work with, braving the rain for those very important outdoor shots, we wish them every joy and happiness in the years to come.....

Happy New Year 2012
Well it's certainly been an eventful 2011. This time last year I would never have thought I’d be setting up a website in May to launch Steve Horsley Photography. It’s been a dream of mine for many years and proving to be everything I’d hoped it to be. New Year is always a time for reflection and I’ve got many people to thank for their support, advice and guidance. I’m sure I’ve bored many people senseless talking about photography; my family know this is not an exaggeration. I’ve met some amazing people who have trusted me to capture their special moments and for that I am very grateful. Although I’ve only been going a few months I’m already developing some lovely histories with people. Laura and Mark who’s wedding I shot in April are about to celebrate their first born and I can’t wait to capture baby Pearson.
I’m very proud to say that I haven’t started advertising yet as one job led to another. I would never have guessed in the first six months of opening I would be responsible for capturing a TV chef and a Princess! It’s hard to say what I enjoyed the most because everything I have done so far I have enjoyed to the full.
The weddings are undoubtedly the most stressful as it’s such an important occasion and you are under such pressure. But the rewards are plentiful. You never quite know what’s going to happen, weather, venue, guests can all bring you surprises. I ended 2011 on December 30th with Mark and Kerry’s winter wedding at Clumber Park Hotel, I’ll be posting the first few shots later today.
For now I’d like to wish you all a Very Happy 2012
Maisy and Ella's second shoot
I had a great time with Maisy and Ella at their studio shoot last week. It was the second time I've worked with the girls and both times have been great fun. Last time was three years ago so they have certainly grown up alot since then. They are very different personalities and I hope I have captured this in their photo's.

Engagement shoot Clumber park
Jo and I met Mark and Kerry at Clumber Park, along with their beautiful little girls Daisy and Alice. It was a lovely Autumnal afternoon; the leaves having turned that gorgeous yellow gold. We both know Mark well as he is our financial advisor but were excited to meet Kerry and the girls having heard so much about them. Jo thoroughly enjoyed looking after the girls whilst I got a few shots of Mark and Kerry, but of course everyone enjoyed the ones with the girls joining in the most. Can’t wait to meet Jade their big sister in December.

Fireworks at Markeaton
Jo persuaded me to take my camera and tripod (honest) to capture the fireworks at Markeaton. This is the first time I've done time exposure with fireworks, I'm glad it was warm and dry, made it far more enjoyable (for me and the children)

Autumn glory
Ladybower and Derwent Edge
As mentioned last month I’m really enjoying the opportunity of getting out and doing some landscapes. It's a great alternative to studio work of portraits and products. If only I could control the weather to be dull on studio days and moody on outdoor days life would be perfect. I’ve had a great couple of days up towards the Dark peak area of Derbyshire. My wonderful assistant (wife) Jo has been very obliging and agreed to very early starts so that we could get there in time for the sunrise. Very different challenges face you for landscape work. Always striving to be in the right place at the right time and then after lots of preparation have such a short opportunity to capture the light. That, together with swapping filters, changing cameras/lenses, fighting with tripods makes for some stressful moments that both Jo and I was not expecting. We had visions of beautiful tranquil experiences taking in the view and capturing it to share with others. Hopefully the latter is reflected in my work not the stress behind the lens. Only you can say and I’d welcome any comments as it’s the only way I will improve. Below are a few shots from the first visit where we opted to go low level as mist was settled on Derwent reservoir and I got totally distracted by the sun coming through the trees..........Magical moments

The second week I persuaded Jo to get up extra early at 4.00am (not bad for saying she had been at work all week) to climb to the top of Derwent Edge to capture sunrise, a gamble with our fluctuating weather conditions. The route we took wasn’t familiar to us especially with a torch in the dark so it was another risk but we made it to wheelstones with 10 minutes to spare. Despite the cloudy morning (weather experts predicted perfect blue sky!) we had a brief opportunity to get a couple of shots. In truth the whole experience was a learning one for us but great fun, great exercise and opportunity to appreciate just how hard a good sunrise is to capture.

Jo taking in the tranquil view & only a five minute window to get the shots as the sun soon dissapeared behind a low cloud.

Jo capturing me capturing the sunrise.

On the way back down.

October 2011
West Coast of Scotland
Just back from 10 blissful days in Scotland. It’s true you really do get four seasons in one day. Of course this is highly exciting (and frustrating) to a photographer. I toured the west coast taking in many lochs and mountains. The lighting proved disappointing on many days, very flat and overcast but there were a few opportunities to grab a couple of shots that I’m relatively pleased with as it was my first serious attempt at landscapes/seascapes. Of course I couldn’t resist a few well know “must take’s” including Buachaille Etive Mor at Glencoe, which seems to be everybody’s favourite mountain. I spent a few hours watching the light transform the view. I enjoyed doing landscapes so much that I’ve arranged to spend a day next month with Doug Chinnery and Anthony Spencer to master more landscape photography skills.

Buachaille Etive Mor at Glencoe

Jetty on Loch Lomond

Castle Stalker

Cottage Window View - maximising opportunity on a rainy day

Dawn Mist on Loch Lomond
HRH Princess Royal comes to celebrate Denby's bicentenary
Well it’s certainly been a rollercoaster ride since I turned my back on engineering to live my dream of full time photographer.

I can honestly say yesterday was the scariest day in my working life. When Denby called to ask if I was available to photograph a visitor on September the 12th nothing prepared me for the question “can you come and photograph HRH the Princess Royal.

Of course I jumped at the chance, but not just because it was such a prestigious visitor and would be great marketing for my website. I’d worked for Denby before shooting James Martin’s cookery demonstration on Mother’s Day. They have a great management team and superb customer relations and I am always treated so well when I’m there. A company based on traditional British values is how I’d best describe them.

Of course such a visit had some restrictions and limitations which increased my nerves as I was keen to do a good job for Denby after they have put so much faith in me. As a photographer you have heightened awareness to people’s emotions and mood. The Princess Royal was clearly a true professional and put people at ease as she walked the factory floor and visited various different departments within the factory. What struck me most was how genuinely interested the Princess was in the displays and talking to staff, some of whom had served Denby for many years.

After I'd finally come down to earth, processed the photo's, got them back to Denby ASAP I enjoyed a good beer and reflected on a day to remember

Wild Arena Bird Experience Day (Feathered Type !!)
Hi everyone.
Just got back from Bedford after spending a wicked day on a photographic workshop with our guide & photographer David Southard.(
It was held in the grounds of Shuttleworth Mansion at Old Warden.
Big thanks to David & not forgetting Emily (Bird Trainer)for a fantastic day.
So here are a few of the photos

Autumn is coming
Photographers love Autumn. Landscape photographers will be looking forward to end of summer time (I know that's rare). It means a slightly later crawl out of bed to capture the beautiful sun rises that Autumn offers. I'm looking forward to a few trips up to the Derbyshire peaks and later in the month hoping to capture blue skies and autumn gold of West Scotland. I was up in Yorkshire last weekend enjoying the city life of Leeds and York and then day in the Yorkshire dales. I didn't expect much photo opportunity though as it was a bank holiday and as the great Blur said...."All the people, so many people, they all go hand in hand, through their park....know what I mean"

Special offer for September
Half price portrait sitting - £25 for a two hour session at your home, a location of your choice or in the studio. You also receive a FREE 12x8 print as part of this deal. Portrait vouchers available on request.