About Steve Horsley Photography of Ripley Derbyshire

My passion for photography was heavily influenced by my Father. Most of my memories involve him pointing his pentax at me, my sisters or any other unsuspecting poor individual. What small boy wouldn't want to go to the top of a multi storey car park late at night to capture time exposures of passing vehicles. His dark room was always a fun place to be. I'm fascinated by technology and how things work which led me to a career in engineering, but photography has always been in my heart and soul and now I have the opportunity to live my dream. I enjoy shooting all aspects of photography. It's a great privilege to share peoples most precious moments such as the birth of a new child or their wedding day. Capturing images that reflect their emotion and the true nature of themselves is such a delight. I love the story telling aspect of photography, now often referred to as reportage or documentary style photography. One of the great classics Cartier-Bresson did this so wonderfully.
I'm a perfectionist, so the technical aspects of photography and getting the image right is very important to me. Post processing is vital in this industry today to deliver high quality images which stand out, both in quality and artistic design. My engineering background has influenced my photography and I hope to get more opportunity to shoot commercial and product photography in the near future.
To relax I enjoy times of solitude with only a sunset and the sound of the shutter to interrupt my thoughts. Landscapes and nature have become the hobby side of my photography allowing me to have the variety I have long desired.