Lewis Mighty Weekend Ball - Derby Rugby Club

The Lewis Mighty fund was created in 2009 as a treatment fund for little Lewis who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma (the second most common cancer in children) when he was just 3 years old. The fund raising needs to reach 300k to support Lewis to travel abroad for treatment that isn't available to children in the UK. Well, the good news is the fundraising has gone incredibly well and the target has almost been reached.
I was asked to do the photography at the Ball by Hannah Musgrove who was helping Jon Leonard organise the event. I wasn't sure what to expect as I hadn't done a ball of this size before.
Guests seemed to arrive all at once just as the sun came out which seemed to put everyone in the mood for a good time! Guests were entertained on arrival by fire breathers, contortionists, mime artists and stilt walkers, all offering their services for free (Atlanta entertainment)
The ball's sponsors for the night were Orchid IT, who should celebrate their success as the night was an excellent example of what fun can be had when people come together for a great cause.
The entertainers throughout the night provided great atmosphere and got people out of their chairs and on to the dance floor! Some people got into the "spirit" of things more than others...a little dig at Jo (my wife).. but I'm only jealous as I had to stay sober! Trust me it is a strange experience being in a room full of people having a good time when your stone cold sober. Good luck to Lewis and his family and all at www.lewismightyfund.org.uk and please contact them if you have any ideas for further fund raising..