Photography Training Sessions

One to One Photography Training.

One to one training is a great way to improve your skills very quickly & also makes a great Birthday or Christmas gift (Voucher available)
The sessions are tailored to your personal needs. This could cover Portraits ,Landscapes ,sports or just taking better holiday photos and is carried out at a time and date that is convenient for you – including evenings or weekends.
Further training sessions can be arranged as required at any time.

If you have just bought your first digital camera and want to learn the basics of digital photography,or want to learn how to get off the auto modes and start using your camera more creatively,I can help you improve your techniques and develop your photography skills to take better photos.
Receiving help from an experienced professional photographer can save you a lot of time and frustration.




Digital Photography Training - Some of the topics covered

How to use the different modes and settings
Obtaining the correct exposure
How to set the focus where you require it
Setting the correct colour balance
Understand the information and warnings from your camera
Creative use of different lenses
Depth of field with shutter speeds & apertures
Use of filters
Shooting in RAW
High Dynamic Range (HDR)

And much more depending on what area you wish to cover & how many
sessions you wish to book.
Prices start from £25 per One Hour session.

If the above is of interest to you or want to buy someone a voucher
Please contact me on the link below.